Privacy Mode for Offline Use, Launch by DJI Today

Back in August, the U.S army issued a memo concerning on DJI drones cyber vulnerabilities, and the company announced that they launched a Local Data app for their drones. Today, DJI just officially release this feature on their own CrystalSky Monitoring tablets, together with select Android devices. For iOS users, it will be arriving soon, depending on the demand.

This feature if enable, will stop the app from sending and receiving web data. The result on this, the user’s location, maps and geofencing information won’t be shared or displayed. For the data, like speed, distance and altitude, is stored to the drone itself, however videos and photos will be put into the local SD card. The negative impact on this feature, is that, any upcoming updates won’t be available since the internet connection is cutoff.

“When using Local Data Mode,” DJI writes in the update, “drone operators are reminded that they are solely responsible for the safety of their flight operation and that they understand that features that may enhance and support the safety of their operations, but that rely on internet connectivity, are no longer available.”

Since August, prior to U.S army’s memo, DJI had just already working on an updates for several months ahead. This particular update does not only aims on the military task, but also to other task involving commercial or consumer use.

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