A drone is use for delivering package on the hand of its recipient

Technology for drones today, become more reliable and more advance than those previous years. More task can be done using a drone, especially those involving taking an aerial image and videos. Also, drone is also use for entertainment, including professional racing with huge prizes at steak. But, the useful task of a drone, it when it use for a logistics, delivering something to somewhere.

Amazon and a Chinese retail store giant, are starting to experiment a drone, where it can deliver any consumer goods to any places, but the experiment still on a development phase. In Switzerland, drone is currently on testing for delivering vital medical specimens, for more info; click here.

A technology research company named Cambridge Consultant, just recently announced a concept for drones, which will delivers any package directly into consumers own hand, using a coded pattern sent via a phone’s LED flash to identify the package’s recipient. The concept was named DelivAir.

According to company, this concept will greatly help those people that are in need of vital or critical items, such a first aid kit, a relief package or emergency medical supplies.

The process of delivering a package is just a two-stage; first, the DelivAir drone will locate the receipt via GPS on their own smartphone. Next, it will then switches to optical tracking and a 3D-imaging is done, and raging the system to locate and authenticate the recipient of the package, when the drone view it. When the drone reaches the recipients area, it will identify the exact recipient via smartphone’s LED flash, which it blinks in a coded pattern. Lastly, the DelivAir drone will hovers at a safe distance above the flashing LED, then verifies the code. After verifying, the drone will lowers the package down on a stabilizing winch. After the delivery, the drone will return to the base.

“This system is as about as close as we’ll get to instantaneous matter transportation in our lifetimes,” said Henry Fletcher, a senior engineer with Cambridge Consultants. “Pinpoint-accurate delivery to any smartphone may improve the feasibility of life saving applications for drones.”

The concept itself is very compelling but still there are many questions to be answered, such about the battery life of the drone or the distance that the drone will travel. Still, we may look at here, the future of delivering packages. We will look forward on this concept, to become a reality and use it for general consumers.

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