It’s Official; DJI unveiled the Zenmuse X7 drone camera

DJI drones, probably the best camera drone in the market today, as to it produces a great aerial images and videos. But, the company today just released their new camera, specifically for drones, after few leaks. This camera is the Zenmuse X7, the first ever Super 35 digital camera, which is a milestone by the company itself and to the whole industry. This new camera is created to work with DJI’s Inspire 2 drone.

The Zenmuse X7 camera is for professional use, as to it comes also with a crazy price tag too. The camera itself packs with other features such, a massive 14 stops of dynamic range, which is great for taking video in low-light setting. Users can record videos in 6K CinemaDNG RAW, 5.2K Apple ProRes at 30fps, and 3.9K CinemaDNG RAW or 2.7K ProRes at 59.94fps.

This camera works on DJI’s DL-mount, boasting a very short flange focal distance. DJI also offers a variety of compatible lenses with focal lengths ranging from 16mm to 50mm with a max aperture of f/2.8. All the lenses for this camera, are made with carbon to ensure durability and low weight.

For 16mm lens, it can access an integrated ND 4 filter while other lenses (24mm, 35mm and 50 mm) will sport a mechanical shutter. Also, DJI introduced its DJI Cinema Color System, which aims to make the new Zenmuse camera suitable for commercial production that includes TV shows and movies. The overall weight of Zenmuse X7 gimbal 631 grams/ 22.3 oz, when using the 16mm camera.

The Zenmuse X7 camera will cost about $ 2,699 USD. For lenses, the 16mm, 24mm and 35mm cost at $1,299 USD each, while the 50mm lens is priced at $ 1,199 USD. However, a professional want to get all the four lenses, can get it for bundle price at $ 4, 299 USD. Shipping on the camera begins next month, and it will arrive at DJI stores worldwide then, as well.


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UVify’s racing drone starts shipping now

Since CES 2018, UVify goes quiet after showing their latest racing drone back in January.  During that event, the company promise a delivery by “as early as next quarter.” Their drone named Draco, can reach speeds up to 100 MPH, however in outdoor this drone might reach speed less on those. They seems to rebuild this drone for months, but finally they’re shipping the drone starting today.

UVify’s Draco is an attempt to tap in to other aspects of drones, which is racing, offering a ready-to-fly drone out of the box. During the show off in a parking lot in Las Vegas, it shows that it can compete with other racing drones, for a ready-to-fly product and have a capable cool maneuvers. However, the downside in the show is that, its battery is drained quickly but the good thing of it, it’s still a demo product.

The drones’ biggest changes are the two analogue and digital transmission system fuse into single device, which can do both action.  Analog tends to be preferred by drone racers for its stability, while digital is the preferred solution for people looking to transmit video and stills with the device. With both on-board, pilots will have a backup system in case one conks out.

In the past, this drone was in modular configuration, making its parts or components to be replaceable if it is broken or damage during a flight, in a crash. Also, a swappable battery is a feature due to this types of drones don’t stay in air in a single charge.

Also, the drone will be available at b8ta in San Francisco in the future, so that people could see this new drone before they make a purchase. The price is at $699, it seems that it is fair because of its many features included in the package. This new drone is aim also for hobbyist that doesn’t want to build their own drone.

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