DJI hints a new event via trailer


Most consumer drones today in the market, probably most of them are from DJI. This drone manufacturer probably had the best drones to offer to variety of consumers, from just simple toy to professional flyer. Also, they have produced drones that are capable of doing of what it needs to do.

Recently, DJI had been released a hint on something new this coming October 11. But, this is not a surprise for most of the consumer, since this was the time where the company just released a ground breaking product. This is the time where, one of the best drone in the market had been released, the Mavic Pro.

Rumors were telling that, the Phantom Line of drones is expected to be replaced with new and bigger Mavic type drones, but some tells that a new Phantom 5 with retracts might be released or a new Mavic with 1-inch image clip. A new smaller zoom camera is speculated also. While DJI has the Z30 for their industrial market, it carries a hefty price and has a relatively small image chip.

The company just released a video trailer, entitled “DJI – Reflections – October 11, 2017”, probably confirming an event which left a huge whole of speculation, about a new product. But in the video clips, it tells something of a lens of particular camera.

The event is scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 at 5pm PST. Check out the DJI YouTube channel for more info.

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